Grand Opening Sushi Tei Beachwalk

Grand Opening Sushi Tei Beachwalk

Grand Opening Sushi Tei Beachwalk

pp sushi tei beachwalk

Has been successful with its first branch, Sushi Tei now open the second outlet in Level 2 Beachwalk, Kuta. With its signature concepts, Japanese Umbrella, the restaurant has around 185 seating. This branch of well-known eatery offers a laid back and comfortable ambiance, with an extra view of Kuta Beach from its window. Please contact +62 361 8464 972 or +62 361 8464 973 for further information.

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LOLA at L Hotel & Resort Seminyak Bali

LOLA at L Hotel & Resort Seminyak Bali

LOLA at L Hotel & Resort Seminyak Bali


‘Whatever LOLA Wants, LOLA gets’, LOLA was created to embrace the female femme fatale icon of a vivacious and charming lady whose beauty and persona is irresistible. Related to cuisine, Lola exudes this culinary palate of authenticity and tastes through the serving of delectable Indonesian flavours.Located on the mezzanine level just above the lobby, LOLA ispoised as a cozy, intimate and casual restaurant featuring The Art of Indonesian Cuisine, for lunch or dinner, a la carte menu delights with raving tasty Indonesian dishes using only local ingredients of the best quality, which make the distinctive from the rest.LOLA  opens from 7am to 11pm daily.

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The Junction Music Festival 2014

The Junction Music Festival 2014

The Junction Music Festival 2014


Belvedere Vodka presents The annual Junction Music Festival, Bali’s best weekender, celebrating its 10th Year and was held from August 28 – August 31, 2014, at Bali’s best and newest entertainment venues. Organized and promoted by Future 10 and Lupo Music, and co promoted by Pro Motion Events, 2014’s decade celebration showcases international DJ superstars from the classic, deephouse and tech music genres, and Indonesia best DJ’s; Anton Wirjono, Hogi,Mamsa, and supported by Bali international residents Stevie G,Lomas Gration, and Damian Saint. Running since 2005, The Junction Music Festival has attracted over 50,000 fans to its Bali events, over the last 10 years. A Junction missive has been to create musical tourism events, attractiveto both domestic and international tourists from all corners of the globe. See you next year!

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love f

During its silent opening, fashiontv’s Love F Hotel commemorates the Indonesia Independence Day in a very unique way.

Back to the root of Love F Hotel which is fun, glamorous and surprises, the hotel throw an amazing sunset party at Jacuzzi Bar.

Collaborated with DANCE TILL’ MONDAY finest DJs, their first debut in Bali was breaking the record. Not less than 500 people were there at the party.

Not to mention, top artist and some socialites from Jakarta were dancing all night long till the sun rises.

Relax in ocean facing diamond-shaped Jacuzzi Bar on the top floor of Love Fashion Hotel by fashiontv.

Sip delish tropical drinks and tasty tidbits at the bar and share the magnificent sunset view with a couple of friends.

Jacuzzi Bar definitely set a new height of what party truly means!

For more info please visit

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Best Western - Citilink Boarding Pass offers 2014

Best Western - Citilink Boarding Pass offers 2014

Best Western – Citilink Boarding Pass offers 2014


Citilink Indonesia bersama dengan jaringan hotel Best Western International sepakat untuk mendorong sinergy para pelaku industri pariwisata jelang implementasi komunitas ekonomi ASEAN 2015.

Salah satunya adalah dengan menggelar program promo ‘Best Western – Citilink Boarding Pass offer 2014’yang mana para penumpang Citilink mendapatkan hak istimewa untuk menginap tiga hari dua malam seharga IDR 499.000 nett / room dengan hanya menunjukan boarding pass Citilink (1 boarding pass untuk satu kamar).

Program ini akan berlangsung selama 1 September – 30 Desember 2014 dan berlaku di seluruh jaringan Best western Hotel di seluruh indonesia.

For more info please visit dan

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Six Bali Undercover

Six Bali Undercover

Find out some undercover things in Bali from HERE !



Tattoo has been a form of art since thousands of years ago, practiced by many cultures and tribes all around the world. Many believe that tattoo is the most personal form of art expression. There are various reasons why one would simply get the everlasting mark onto their skin. Some use it to celebrate milestones and/or events, or just simply to cover scars.

Bali has many Tattoo parlors, most of them spread in tourism center such as Kuta and Sanur. It has been increasingly popular in the recent times, as well as with the number of people who is coming to this place. One of the most popular reasons is that because the cheaper price than tattoo parlors in many European/Western countries.

Do not to worry, as most of tattoo parlors around the island understood about sterilization procedure, this to ensure you will served professionally. However, do mind that Bali has a humid and pretty warm weather, thus it would take longer for sensitive-skin person to heal after their tattoo procedure finished.

If you have limited time but still interested in getting tattoos in the island, it is better to have an advance booking.



Perhaps the most natural substance one can find around. The effect of this substance comes from the active chemical named psilocybin. This same chemical happen to be found in at least 190 edible mushrooms. Although in Indonesia it is illegal and treated the same as weed, ‘shrooms is still attainable with a little bit of surroundings research around the island.

‘Shrooms gets the user hallucinated. Whether a good one or bad, it depends on the user’s mood when consuming it. User could experience the happiest hallucination or the worst as bad as watching someone’s killed whatsoever. This require the responsibility of users to consume it with good mood and trustworthy peers. Mood swings, panic attack, and psychosis (detachment from reality) are some of the side effects.

Although natural, it does not necessarily harmless. Research found that there are possibilities of disturbing the normal function of the brain. There are reports in the future it would cause flashbacks like the feeling and thoughts reply the effects of being on the drug. Moreover, some reports it causes impaired memory.



BALI’S GODFATHERSare usually known better as social clubs or communities. Many of the groups were created based on the passionate feelings they have about the island, and aimed to protect Bali from external threats. Communities that are flourishing today are including Laskar Bali, Baladika, and Pemuda Bali Bersatu (PBB). Rumour has it that they are brutal, and violence is common among them. Nevertheless, the main purpose of these people are said to protect Bali. It is however unclear of what kind of threats they are trying to defend Bali from. Most of the case, the interpretation to protect Bali is narrowed down to “expelled foreigners”.

These communities are more publicly known more as gangs rather communities. Some of the communities are also believed to be part of some political parties. Even though they have some sort of positive social activities, it is mostly used to cover the behind-the-scenes activities. The most normal activities for its members are being securities that guard several well-known hang out spots and clubs in Southern part of Bali.



LGBT communities are not politically acknowledged by the Indonesian government. However, it is not uncommon to find several LGBT hang out spots, especially in Bali. This island is well known as not only international melting pot, but also gay-friendly place. It is common to see gay scenes in public places, with all the gay bars and accommodations especially in Seminyak area.

Balinese culture does not acknowledge gay culture in the society, neither does they oppose it. Local people tend to act indifferently with gay phenomenon. This is caused by the strong and rooted Hindu and social culture that the Balinese believed in.

All of the gay bars and hang out spots concentrated in Dhyana Pura St. in Seminyak. Some of the popular gay bars perhaps are Joe Bar, Face Bar, and Mixwell. Not only they usually performs GoGo boys, it is somehow a concentrated spot where gays interacted and can be relax, embracing their true identity.

Southern part of Bali is more accepting and open-minded than the Northern part of the island regarding LGBT acceptability. Nevertheless, regardless the gay-ness in you, it would be better to avoid public display affection too much since it is not a cultural norm in the island.



Tajen has been more than just a ritual in for many of Balinese men. This cockfight game has rooted and practiced since before the 10th century, as a part of evil purification in Tabuh Rah (Pouring Blood) ritual. The blood of the chicken that is poured in the game is the offerings made to expel the evil spirit.

Tajen derived from the word Tajian, which in this case, means the blade that is tied to the chicken leg. It is a religious event which still practiced in several temples in Bali. However, Tajen outside of the religious purpose is considered illegal after 1981, especially if there is gambling involved. That does not stop the local to do it, anyway.

For some people, this event is considered cruel and inhumane, yet for Balinese men it is the social culture and norm, and inseparable from their daily lives. Some men prepared their roosters since years before the game and the rooster is part of their pride. It is normal to find them boasting about their champion.

Even though it is popular, Tajen is a men thing. You would never see local women participate, not even watch, the game. The closer participation of the women usually are selling snacks and soft drinks nearby the Tajen area.

Tajen as a part of ritual should always be protected although law enforcers still have a hard time to stop the illegal games outside the temple. If you are happen to be invited to watch Tajen, we would not discourage you to decline it, yet if you take it, big chance you will experience a different side of Balinese culture.



Bali has its own unofficial red-light district, located along Ngurah Rai By Pass road, concentrated in Danau Tempe Street. The business that happens in the area taking place in ordinary houses or local bars. It is locally known not only by domestic travelers, but also international visitors.

The interesting part, most of the sex workers in the area come from Banyuwangi, East Java. It is rare to find local Balinese selling their body in the area. The targeted market for these women usually the labors. Therefore, their rate is affordable in general. The practice usually take place in small bungalows in the narrow path that existed along the street. Some karaoke bars also open for service, usually used by some people as a prelude before the main session.

The area itself not only fulfilled with sex-workers doing transactions, hotels and private villas are also exist. However, their existence is overshadowed with the reputation the area has.

However, Danau Tempe street is not the only unofficial red-light district area in Bali, some hidden yet locally known area namely in Denpasar and Kuta. Some of the famous spots are in Sesetan street, or Renon area.

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Commemorating the 69th independence day of Indonesia last August, together with several high school fellows I had a trip to Mount Agung. It is the highest mount in the island, located precisely in Karangasem prefecture. There were two tracks we could follow as the entrance. The first one is Pura Besakih track and Pura Pasar Agung track. I opted for the first one. It was a longer track, however with more attractive and scenic panorama.

We started the trip 8AM sharp from Denpasar, and spent around 1.5 hours to reach the entrance post. It is important for us to start the journey with pray to the deities and asked for their blessings, Mount Agung is one of the holy mounts in Bali, anyway. Pura Pengubengan was the last temple in Pura Besakih before we actually start the hike. To reach this temple, we could take a walk from the northern part of Pura Besakih through the local’s gardens for around an hour or used vehicles. We met other hikers at the temple, which dominated by other high-school students, especially from SMAN 3 Denpasar who put this agenda annually to celebrate the Independence Day.

11.30AM and we finished our lunch before continuing the hike to Mount Agung “Boycamp”, which was actually the base camp for those who wished to spend the night to reach for the early summit attack the next day. It took us 6 hours to reach this spot, with the first 4 hours passing through lush heterogenic tropical forest. The density of the trees made the dews easily trapped by the leaves and after awhile, fell down to the ground creating the illusion as if it was raining. The last 2 hours we passed through the pine trees forest, with sandy rocky track.


6.30PM we finally arrived at the camp. The sun was almost set and I took several shoots to save the magnificent views. We were unable to set up tents due to the uneven ground, and had mattress and sleeping bag, instead. Boycamp was located above the cloud, thus saved the hikers from the tropical rain. The milky-way was super clear at the time I went up there, and several shooting stars were seen in the beauty of night sky.


We planned to have to start the summit attack at 3.30AM in the morning to chase the sunrise, 2 hours away from the Boycamp. We started the journey after breakfast with the track to the summit dominated by sandy rock, pushed us to be more careful. It was a narrow track with steep cliffs at both of the side. The early morning wind was not easy on us, either. Finally we reached the summit at 5.30AM, just before the sunrise. At the time the sun rise from the east, we were having a ceremony, rose the National flag, and sang the anthem of Indonesia Raya. A moment later, when the sun was becoming clearer, Mount Rinjani of Lombok Island, and the caldera of Mount Batur were seen.


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VANS Uses the Power of the Force to Release STAR WARS™ Branded Footwear and Apparel Designs

VANS Uses the Power of the Force to Release STAR WARS™ Branded Footwear and Apparel Designs

starwar by vans

Echo Base, Hoth (May The Fourth) – Vans takes off to a galaxy far, far away for an out-of-this-world collection featuring artwork from the original Star Wars trilogy. The Force is strong in this intergalactic offering that extends from Classics and Vault by Vans footwear to men’s apparel and women’s accessories. By combining heritage Vans prints with iconic Star Wars characters, both entities present a truly unique capsule this universe has never seen before.


The Vans x Star Wars collection kicks off with a six-piece offering from Classics. Aligning with the Dark Side, Vans introduces two colorways of the Authentic featuring Boba Fett and Stormtrooper characters. The Boba Fett camo color-up enhances the bounty hunter’s disguise alongside the Death Star, Darth Vader and the Stormtrooper to paint a dark scene of the evil Empire. The second style surfaces in the Stormtrooper bandana print that mashes up one of Vans archived patterns with the Galactic Empire’s henchmen for a discreet, all-over arrangement. Yoda brings balance to the Force with his special takes on the Authentic and Sk8-Hi Reissue. Blended with Vans’ Hawaiian pattern and images of Yoda, the peaceful aloha motif covers the uppers of the low top and hits each quarter panel of the high top. As a tribute to the original film, Vans pairs the Classic Slip-On with the 1977 poster artwork from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and showcases the Era in comic-book style graphics from vintage Star Wars merchandise. Young Padawans and small Sith lords can enjoy the collection as well with kid and toddler-sized shoes featuring the Yoda-inspired art and comic-book graphics as well as two kids-specific Stormtrooper and Darth Vader prints.


As a tie back to Classics footwear, Vans x Star Wars brings forth an assortment of men’s apparel and women’s accessories. The men’s series highlights the Yoda aloha and Stormtrooper bandana prints across a selection of tees, with an additional cap, backpack and sock pack dedicated to Yoda’s special pattern. The women’s range of accessories incorporates both sets of imagery into a focused, fashion-forward ensemble of backpacks and hats. The Vans x Star Wars Classics and Apparel collection will be available this June at Vans retail stores and select locations globally.



This coveted assortment comes to a close with a limited installment of footwear under Vans’ premium label, Vault by Vans. The Vault by Vans x Star Wars collection launches with two rare Vans prints from the ’80s that incorporate images of Star Wars villains into Vans original Classic forms. The vibrant Miami print includes the silhouette of Imperial AT-AT Walkers into the aesthetic for a collage pattern across the OG Sk8-Hi LX and OG Slip-On LX. The Pirate print explores the Dark Side with an updated design that replaces the original skull and sword configuration with images of Darth Vader, Stormtrooper helmets and lightsabers for special color-ups of the OG Era LX and OG Sk8-Hi LX. The OG Half Cab LX hosts the ultimate showdown between good and evil with an all-white Yoda colorway going head-to-head with an all-black Darth Vader version. With less than 300 pairs of each style produced, this Vault by Vans special assortment will be available this May exclusively at the Vans DQM General in Boston and New York, Opening Ceremony locations in Los Angeles, London, New York and Ace Hotel New York, Off the Hook in Montreal, Colette in Paris, Firmament in Berlin and Tresbien in Sweden.

For more information about this collection visit

About Vans

Vans®, a VF Corporation (NYSE: VFC) brand, is the original action sports footwear and apparel brand.  Vans collections include authentic footwear, apparel, accessories and snowboard boots that are sold globally in more than 170 countries through a network of subsidiaries, distributors and international offices. VF Outdoor, Inc. owns and operates more than 415 stores of the Vansbrand in the United States and internationally, each offering a range of Vans footwear and apparel while communicating the brand’s rich heritage. The Vans brand promotes the action sports lifestyle, youth culture and creative self-expression through the support of musicians, artists and athletes on boards and bikes all over the globe and through progressive events such as the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing®, the Vans Downtown Showdown, the Vans Pool Party, the Vans Warped Tour® and surfing’s most prestigious contest, the Vans US Open of Surfing.

Vans, “Off the Wall” Since ’66


STAR WARS and related properties are trademarks and/or copyrights, in the United States and other countries, of Lucasfilm Ltd. and/or its affiliates. © & © Lucasfilm Ltd.

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Tips For A Wedding In Bali

Tips For A Wedding In Bali


Choosing Bali as my wedding place is one of the best decision I’ve ever made in life. It is very romantic, unforgettable, and (for sure) different compared to weddings in other places, such as Jakarta.

I chose Bali as my wedding place because I love beach and outdoor wedding.  I also prefer having intimate party with close relatives and friends rather than a big wedding I can’t enjoy (and maybe I don’t even know some of the guests).

Below are some tips for you who want to have a Bali wedding:

  1. Do survey at least one year before.

Location survey is necessary because there are lots of chapels and reception venue that you can pick. Several nice chapels I found are: the chapel in Conrad, Ayana, Nikko Hotel, Alila, Blue Point. We finally go for Blue Point Chapel (located in Uluwatu) because of the extraordinary view. I definitely love it!!!

  1. Hire a Bali wedding planner.

Hiring a local wedding planner is a good option because they can give you a very deep insight of the venues in Bali. They also can assist you do deal with the vendors so you save on trips to liaise with each of them.

  1. Limit your guest.

You may consider limiting your guest because if you invite a lot of guests, it can be burdensome for you (as prices are not cheap!). Less guests mean you can give enjoy quality time with each.

  1. Be thorough with package detail.

There are plenty options of different wedding packages. You should go through all details in the package.  There might be additional fees, such as taxes, banjar fee, etc.

Well, last but not least, you will feel no regret to celebrate your wedding in Bali. Good luck!

Harry Pamungkas



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The Art of Tea at Table8

The Art of Tea at Table8


The new Table8 at Mulia Resort’s promenade level includes popular delicacies from China’s two regions, Canton and Sichuan. Consequently, Table8 brings in tea masters to complement the authentic oriental dining experience. The tea master learns the kung fu moves from China intensively for a couple of months and a year of practice before performing live in the restaurant.

The tea is served in a unique way. It is not an easy thing to do as each tea master must learn kung fu moves that requires physical and mental strength to perform the artistic ritual. Firstly, a round-shaped bundle of tea (Hua Cha Shuang Xi Lin Men, or in short – flower tea) is presented on the table in a long glass. This customized, hand woven creation consists of two types of Chrysanthemum flowers – symbolizing happiness, Jasmine flowers and Green Tea leaves from Fujian province in China. A tea master then will stop by your table with a long nosed brass kettle pouring hot water from afar with an artistic movement as if shown by a kung fu master. The bundle, with a touch of hot water then will slowly bloom into a beautiful flower and ready to be enjoyed. Table8 serves various Chinese tea leaves, from green tea, white tea, oolong to Chinese black tea, Pu-er.

Untuk informasi lanjut dapat menghubungi (62) 361 301 7777 ext. 6738 atau email :

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