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With over twenty years experience at the forefront of the hospitality industry, John Spence sees himself more as an entertainer than a businessman. In the early ‘80s, Spence cut his teeth as a music agent in London representing bands such as Culture Club, the Eurythmics and Bananarama before moving into property sales and marketing where he excelled. The entrepreneurial chairman and owner of Karma Royal Group now has an impressive portfolio of brands – Karma Resorts, Karma Beach International, Karma Spa and Royal Resorts – spanning from Asia to Europe, Australia and the Caribbean, with development plans for the Bahamas, Cuba, Brazil, North America, the Seychelles and the Middle East. Clearly, he is not a bad businessman either.

When John Spence visited Goa, India, in 1993, he knew he’d found the place he wanted to develop his first resort property. Purely using a cash injection from his life savings, John founded Royal Resorts to pioneer vacation ownership in India and South East Asia. After the initial rapid growth of Royal Resorts, John realised that the

perception of vacation ownership limited his options in terms of what he could do with the company. In 2002, he founded Karma Resorts, bringing the concept of boutique villa resorts to Asia, allowing clients to purchase freehold villas. Most recently, John has developed Karma Estates, Karma Spa, and a chain of beach bars under the Karma Beach International label.

Currently, the Karma Royal Group has developed, manages and operates 24 Resorts on 4 continents, with has zero debt or leverage and is still 100% owned by John. It is the market leader in its field and is poised for dramatic growth.

John now operates two resort brands including 5-star Karma Resorts and 4-star Royal Resorts. The future looks even more exciting and impressive as Karma Royal Group continues to expand and venture into new markets. John’s ability to jump at an opportunity is further illustrated by the commencement of the company’s highly respected and award winning spa business, Karma Spa, identifying the growing trend of Wellness Travel.

Karma Resorts is an expanding portfolio of luxury villa resorts, currently in Europe, India, Thailand, Bali and Australia. Karma Jimbaran, the first Karma Resort, opened in Bali in 2005 when John once again recognised a gap in the market. Karma Resort guests benefit from the best of both worlds, the privacy of a villa, combined with all the amenities of a luxury resort.  The group’s second Balinese property, Karma Kandara, opened in March 2008 on a spectacular cliff top high above the Indian Ocean at the farthest extremes of an elevated limestone peninsula at Bali’s southernmost tip. It was here that John’s passion and vision for something a little different saw him create Karma Beach Bali. Inspired by the legendary Nammos restaurant and beach bar in Mykonos and styled after a whimsical folly on some Greek island in the Aegean, complete with indigenous grass roof and bamboo platform, Karma Beach Bali presides over a pristine sweep of white sand and a tranquil turquoise lagoon whose only access is via Karma Kandara’s private inclinator, which carries guests effortlessly up and down 100 meters of sheer limestone cliff.

Born from the huge success of Karma Beach Bali, which succeeded in setting the highest standard for the Karma Beach Club concept, Karma Beach International was launched by John in January 2012; this was followed by the proliferation of Karma’s stylish beach clubs in hot spots around the world, in a newly launched location on Denarau Island in Fiji as well as Karma’s very own Little Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

Indicative of the company’s global expansion, Karma Pelikanos opened in Greece in July 2010 with developments all over the world to follow.  As a father of three, John recognised that Karma Resorts needed to cater to the requirements of every guest, including families. The Resorts offer a safe and fun Kid’s Club so their parents can enjoy Karma’s wellness facilities, from a private beach club and gym to a standalone spa brand.

In the European summer of 2012, John acquired the magnificent former estate of the late British designer Laura Ashley in the medieval French village of La Garde-Frenet. Set on 150 well-kept acres, just 13 miles from St-Tropez, Le Preverger is one of the region’s most recognizable and well-preserved chateaus. The estate is available to VIP guests and Karma Royal Group Members, who will enjoy the magnificent setting in the Côte d’Azur, complete with private helicopter and pilot on the estate grounds. In October 2012, Le Preverger served as the setting for the film “Dom Hemingway” starring Jude Law and Richard E. Grant, who were also guests at the estate throughout filming. The film is scheduled for global theatrical release in mid-2014.

Late 2013 saw the opening of these Karma Resorts, Coconut Grove, Kerala on lake Vembanad in India and Karma Reef on Gili Meno, Indonesia whilst developments include a historic north Indian palace, or Haveli, in the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan; an Alpine ski and wellness retreat, Karma Bavaria, Germany; a brilliant sea and sand enclave on Rottnest island off Western Australia; and 8° South, a cliff-top playground under construction on the Bukit area of southern Bali. Most recently, Karma Royal Group’s portfolio further expanded with the addition of Royal Minoan Beach Club at Villea Village on the island of Crete in Greece and the acquisition of Karma St. Martin, part of the Isles of Scilly in Cornwall, England. Future projects are planned for Japan, Fiji, the Americas and Europe, providing a global reach and an array of distinctive destinations beyond any other boutique hotel group in the world today.

John is a passionate sports fan and patron of the Arts and his company currently sponsors Perth’s Western Force Super Rugby team and the Perth Fashion Festival. In many ways, he sees the parallels between work and sport.

Your work has got to be taken seriously and earn you money, but it’s also got to be like sport — fun, challenging and something you do for enjoyment,” he says. “If it becomes just about feeding the family then you’re not going to enjoy it. And if it’s not enough of a job, then really it’s not going to be fulfilling. It’s a balance.”

John was the 2010 Ernst & Young Australian Entrepreneur Of The Year. “Karma Royal Group has taken on the big, global hotel brands and put a footprint in this very competitive market.” Said Catherine Brenner, Chair of the Judging panel, who were particularly impressed by the focus and quality of Karma Royal Group’s clear strategic direction. “Typical of many successful entrepreneurs, John Spence has seen opportunity where others did not. Most people would have looked at the global upmarket hotel sector and decided it was a saturated market. John looked at it differently and saw opportunity.”

In June 2013, John joined an exclusive group of international champions of industry and leaders of their professions to become just the fourth Australian member of the judging panel for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, held in Monaco. Previous judges have included Steve Case, Co-founder of America Online, Jack Cowin, Founder and Executive Chairman of Competitive Foods Australia Ltd and Yves Guillemot, President and CEO of

In July 2013, John was honoured by the Yale University School of Architecture by being appointed the Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Architecture Fellow for the fall semester 2013/2014.  Through the fellowship, distinguished leaders in the development community from the public as well as the private sector, such as John, participate as integral teaching members in Yale University’s advanced studios and seminars. “It is a tremendous honour to be the Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Architecture Fellow at Yale University,” said John. “To excel in a given field, you have to love what you do. I look forward to sharing my passion for seeking, recognising and realizing opportunities in some of the most diverse global environments with the students.”

A Commissioner on the West Australian Tourism Board from 2006 until March 2010 and supporter of numerous charities, John was awarded ‘Philanthropist of the Year’ by the American Resort Developers’ Association (ARDA) in 2006.  For several years, John’s company has been one of the major sponsors of Christel House, a children’s charity in Bangalore, India. The charity also supports schools in Mexico City, South Africa and Venezuela as well as an orphanage in Bali. The core premise of ‘karma’ is one John avidly believes in and since Bangalore was the location of the first city centre office for Royal Resorts, it is no accident that he gives a helping hand to the local community. His charitable work in Bali through the Bali Life Foundation reflects his respect and love for the Balinese people.

Whatever you give to the universe comes back,” says John. “That’s where the whole ‘karma’ thing comes from. We support many hundreds of children in Bangalore and in Bali. I believe it’s everyone’s duty to do what they can to help the world. ”

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Cocoon Beach Club Parties

Cocoon Beach Club Parties

Saturday 30th August 1pm – 7pm Splash Party

 DJ Tim Cullen Jamie K (UK) and Fadi (Sweden)

 Book your table: reservations@cocoon-beach.com

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9th Culture Appreciation Nights

9th Culture Appreciation Nights

Grand Nikko Bali proudly presents The Culture Appreciation Nights that will be staged from 4th July to 29th August 2014 in the resort’s Kupu Kupu amphitheater. This annual event aims to celebrate Bali’s rich cultural heritage and introduce local artistry to the appreciative guests. Grand Nikko Bali is passionately committed to preserving unique local culture. On behalf of the resort’s team as well as performers, Jean-Charles Le Coz as the General Manager of the resort, invites visitors and Bali residents to experience the Art of Balinese Dance at its best.

Source : http://www.ciousmagz.com/events/9th-culture-appreciation-nights/

Mash Room Party

Mash Room Party

Present :

- DJ Marcel

- DJ Renald

- DJ Evan

FDC : 100k, Free Flow Coctail from 7 – 8.

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ARCA APPAREL Is a brand built on a nomadic lifestyle & suited to societies rebels with a conscience.

ARCA promotes a lifestyle choice and creates products made from unique materials We like to take the Ordinary & flip it upside down, inside out & back to front. Our aim is to keep creating unique, yet practical apparel with a vision of “daring to be different”.

ARCA wants to inspire people to step outside the box, follow there dreams and Make your Mark.

All our glasses come with 100% UV 400 Protection lens and spring hinges for extra comfort and durability using eco friendly sustainable material.


The Nomad Retro

zebrawood retro

Hand crafted from Zebra wood with (polarised) retro lens.


The Nomad Grey lens

Zebrawood grey

Hand crafted from Zebra wood (Polarised)

The Drifter Red


Hand crafted from Red wood


 The Lax 


Hand crafted from Skateboard wood with polarised lens.

IPhone Cases


Wood and Bamboo crafted IPhone Cases ranging in price from IDR 440.000 to IDR 490.000. Due to the wood and bamboo grains no case is the same. Arca has plain and unique designs available.


 Also here is our social media Profiles.

Sales enquiries to: Sales@Arca Apparel.com

website. www.ArcaApparel.com

Facebook. Arca Apparel

Instagram. @ArcaApparel

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White pristine beaches with dances of big waves in Padang-padang or Blue Point beaches may attract surfers and beach-lovers. However, there is enticing face of Bali better off for culture-seekers people who enjoy a more authentic Balinese lifestyle from a different perspective.

Street-Capture---jalan-gajah-mada-2 Street-Capture---jalan-gajah-mada-9

Jalan Gajah Mada, located in Denpasar, just 5-10 minutes away from the historical Puputan Badung square and Museum Bali, is a different world of Bali one may hardly notice before. The 1 kilometre road shows the real everyday life of Balinese, at least those who live in Denpasar. Although busy and hot at days, thousands of people flooding in everyday, since the place is famous for the locals for its Pasar Badung (Badung fresh-market) and Kumbasari art market.

Street-Capture---jalan-gajah-mada-5 Street-Capture---jalan-gajah-mada-7

The buildings around the area had been renovated by the local government. It is listed as the heritage area of the city because the authentic, old school architectural style of the buildings. It was not as nice walking down the road before, nevertheless, the renovation program has beautify the area with walk-able

pedestrian, more trees to be a canopy at the hot days for passersby, more trash bins to create awareness for cleanliness, and many others. It looks well-managed than several times back.

Ironically, although the government supported the liveliness of the place by providing the renovation it needs, many shops along the road has been closed down due to the un-competitiveness with more modern shopping malls. Some few shops that are still operating sell various items, from general necessities, baby and household shops, Chinese restaurants, and branches of banks.

In front of Pasar Badung, stand a sacred temple, Pura Desa Lan Puseh of Pekraman Denpasar. This is one of the main temples where Denpasar citizens go to pray.

Street-Capture---jalan-gajah-mada-11 Street-Capture---jalan-gajah-mada-12

Far from being dead, this place is actually still attractive for the locals, thanks to the fresh and art markets, and the temple in the area. However, not many people visits the shops located out of the market place. It is perhaps needs a more creative marketing supports to attract more people coming to visit the place.

The tourists/travellers usually captivated more to visit the art market and have a look inside, hoping to find a good deal of bargain over mesmerizing Balinese arts.


Source : http://www.ciousmagz.com/gadjah-mada-denpasar/





This is a little piece of heaven that would amaze almost all travelers at the first time steps into the place. Located near the small village of Payangan, Ubud, the villa is infamous for its environmental-friendly architecture and design, as well as a secluded escape away from the crowded life of big city.


The villas are all located strategically facing the Royal Family Pura Dalem Segara in Payangan, Ubud, across Ayung River. The owner believes that it is essential for the buildings to blend harmoniously with its surroundings. Wherever you walk on the top of the Paras Stone of the river which laid carefully, the trees will be your canopy and the constant breeze of the wind will reduce your tension.  The villas proud itself to be an electrical efficient, using only gas for its water heater and saved up energy by only turning on the light an hour every morning, and from 6-11pm in the evening.


All 38 villas built directly facing the levelled rice-field which makes the place even more fascinating, especially for a change of atmosphere from the famous beach places around Bali. The villas garden is planted with exotic trees, such as: cocoa, coffee, durian, lychees, and make an enjoyable walk around after a hearty lunch in the restaurant. Committed to create the unforgettable experience, the villa is installed with twin funiculars to support guesses reach various functions and areas located in multi-level floors.


But there is more, this place is infamous for its infinity pool, awarded by several travel advisors. The multi-level infinity pool facing the Pura Dalem Segara and the valley, has been successfully enchanted every guests with its scenic views. The environment offers a space to contemplate and for relaxing at the same time. Perfect for the newlyweds or family retreats.

Source : http://www.ciousmagz.com/hanging-gardens-ubud/

Independence Day of Indonesia

Independence Day of Indonesia

Independence Day of Indonesia is a day that marks when Indonesia was declared Independent from the Netherlands. This day is filled with festivities and celebrations. Despite the fact that Indonesia declared its independence from the Dutch Government on August 17, 1945, it wasn’t until 2005 that the Dutch accepted this date as the official date for Indonesia’s independence.

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Sunset Run Bali 2014

Sunset Run Bali 2014

SUNSET Run was set up by Rumah Pandai and MesaRace with objective of charity from all professional runners, amateurs and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts to build a Rumah Pandai in Rokatenda, Nusa Tenggara Timur. The race will start and finish at the beautiful beach of Seminyak-Legian with background of the notorious Balinese Sunset. It’s an all age event which focus on humanitarian, health and fun in the same time!

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